Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, my goal is obtaining, distributing, and educating people on various wild plants and mushrooms for edible and medicinal use, with a focus on ethical harvesting and sustainability.

If you have a business that makes use of these specialized forest products, whether it be gourmet mushrooms, wild nuts and fruits, medicinal wild plants, bones, or other decorative creations of nature, I will collect by request.

I will also purchase from foragers who may not have the clientele or certifications to sell them on their own.  I am certified in the state of PA to identify and distribute wild foraged mushrooms.

Another aspect will be education, community involvement, and workshops educating others on primitive skills and foraging.  I will also be offering services to come to your property to identify and educate you on the plants you have around your land.

As humans have moved further from nature, we have become more dependent on civilization and have given up much of our autonomy.  I want to educate people on the bounties of nature, with the goal of creating environmental awareness, self reliance, and respect for the natural world.  I believe if everybody were aware of the food and medicine that lies in natural areas around us, that we would have more respect for nature and a deeper connection to our surroundings.  We also become less dependent on civilization and more able to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.  The world is in crisis, and we are losing species every day to overdevelopment, overharvesting, and pollution.  It is an important time to be in touch with these natural rhythms.

About Me


I was raised in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, and started learning gardening from my grandmother at a young age.  She was raised by immigrants who were subsistence farmers in remote Sullivan County, PA during the Great Depression, and my great-grandfather and great-grandmother raised a family of 10 by farming a wide variety of crops and making and selling moonshine out of their barn. 

In high school, inspired by Henry David Thoreau, I really began to get into gardening and mushroom foraging, motivated by the desire to live without money and be self-sufficient, not relying on a society whose values I largely disagreed with.  For years after high school, I spent much of my time penniless, earning money from busking, and traveling the country on foot, by hitchhiking, walking, and freight hopping, and eventually began to travel in a vehicle.  My love for foraging grew as I traveled the country and learned every plant and mushroom I could in each bioregion.  I began connecting with others who shared my passion, and began volunteering at events, such as the Telluride Mushroom Festival, to further educate myself, even though I usually had less than $100 to my name.  I would make medicines and brew wine in my vehicle from the things I found in the forests, and fed myself from the forests, dumpsters, and roadkill.  I tried to get everybody I could into it, and teach as many people as I could, to show them why I was so excited by wild plants, and the opportunities to separate ouselves from dependence on civilization.  I would teach homeless people about things they could eat in the park, and would come back to my hometown and do workshops.

After these travels I began to work in the trades, doing landscaping, woodworking, and locksmithing., but never found it as satisfying or purposeful as the way I once lived.  In 2022, I decided to pursue the dream I once had of a foraging business, with a focus on ethical harvesting, sustainability, and education.

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